What do you need to sleep well? This is the question that inspired the creations of architect Fabio Novembre for PerDormire. The answer materialized very naturally: a fairy tale. Thus, Novembre took his inspiration from the world of dreams to conceive and design the six beds of the first collection of the “Design Democratico Italiano” project of the brand from Tuscany.

The six beds – 100% made in Italy – are identified as fairy tale elements: Castello, Principessa, Regina, Abito, Luna and Nuvola. The beds tell little stories, simple hints at enchanted worlds where everyone can imagine themselves.
Castello”, with a brick-like texture, is a structured bed built to suit active couples whose love rests on solid foundations.
Regina”, with a massive headboard that suggests the form of a royal corset, is a double bed for solitary kings and queens.
Principessa” is a layered bed that layer after layer offers an embrace and relief.
The delicacy of the lineaments are the characteristic of the “Abito” model: a sheet draped in the form of a pillow seems to hover mysteriously on the headboard.
Finally, “Luna” is inspired by the concept of space to thrust dreams toward infinity, while “Nuvola”, with its weightlessness, is an invitation to live concrete dreams with open eyes.

Fabio Novembre designs beds inspired by the world of dreams 

Dezeen | architecture and design magazine