PerDormire is supporting the @Fondazione ANT Italia ONLUS in the assistance of cancer patients. During the Christmas period, part of the revenues were donated to the “Bimbi in ANT” project, in order to offer psychological and logistic support to young cancer patients ❤.

“Our company talks about the importance of wellness and I believe that it is our duty to actively support the wellbeing of those who are experiencing a delicate and often painful moment of their lives”.  We are happy and we believe it is a privilege to collaborate to the meritorious initiatives of the ANT Foundation.” Paolo Luchi, Sales and Marketing Director of PerDormire.

Today, at the headquarters of the Montalese Materassificio, Paolo Luchi and Emanuela Caso delivered € 15.250.00 to ANT, collected in 2018. The ceremony was also an opportunity to confirm the collaboration in 2019 to support cancer prevention projects that the ANT Foundation carries out in Italy.