The first aspect focuses on some questions that will help understand whether or not you need to change your mattress:

  • Is your mattress more than eight years old?
  • Do you have the impression of not waking up as rested as you once did?
  • Do you often suffer from back pain or, if you don’t suffer from back pain, do you have small pains when you wake up?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to change the mattress.

Sleeping on the right mattress radically changes the way we rest and has benefits that stay with us throughout the day. This is why it is important to choose your mattress with great care, paying special attention to every detail.

Together we’ll discover how to choose the best mattressaccording to your habits.

  1. To assess the correct firmness of the mattress
    Before we go on to choosing the mattress structure, let’s focus on one crucial factor: firmness.
    The mattress should be neither too firm nor too soft to ensure proper body support throughout the night. The sensation of firmness or softness is not the same for everyone, and depends on personal characteristics, so it is advisable to try the mattress first in the store for a few minutes to ensure that the level of firmness is correct for your body. For those who are overweight or suffer from back problems, however, we recommend a higher level of firmness to better support the spine.
    The position also influences the choice of the mattress’s level of firmness. In fact, if you sleep on your back you will feel more comfortable on a firmer mattress, while if you sleep on your side you will need a softer support so that your shoulders can sink down and you avoid contractures.
  2. Springs, memory or latex?
    Latex mattresses:these provide fairly firm support, while still maintaining a certain flexibility. This feature means that these mattresses adapt well to the body shape by evenly distributing pressure. We recommend this material to people who move a lot in their sleep and to those who suffer from allergies because latex is a material that breathes.
    Mattresses in memory foam:the main feature of this mattress is flexibility, because it allows for an excellent distribution of body pressure. It is specially recommended for people who do not move much during sleep. In addition, the material is very resistant, and this makes the mattress durable over a long time.
    Spring mattresses: Springs, especially pocket springs, allow for a good distribution of weight. An additional layer of memory foam above the mattress also allows for a sensation of greater comfort and warmth. The springs provide greater ventilation and keep the mattress cooler also for those who suffer from excessive sweating.
  3. What position do you sleep in?
    Those who move a lot during the night can choose a pocket spring mattress, which has the capacity to absorb and isolate every movement, or a memory foam mattress that adapts to the body’s shape, and with each movement, reduces pressure, ensuring maximum comfort.
    And comfort is precisely the main advantage in the memory mattress: the structure with layers of foam of different intensities, in fact, is modeled on the weight and temperature of the body and envelopes it completely. Furthermore, depending on the composition, a memory foam mattress can be firmer or softer and therefore meet different needs.
  4. Which coverings and fabrics to choose
    After having identified the best type of mattress, it is time to concentrate on the fabrics, and today, cutting-edge technology has been applied to these fabrics. You can choose hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, breathable fabrics, which offer unsurpassed performance and comfort. To discover some of the fabrics and materials available for mattresses you can consult the in-depth study dedicated to Materials.
  5. Try the mattress
    Before choosing the mattress, try it for at least ten minutes. This test will help you choose wisely. Lie down on your back and put your hand under your lumbar region: if there’s space, the mattress is too firm for you, but if it is hard to get your hand in, it is too soft. To learn more about which mattress to choose, discover the store nearest¬†to you where you can try the mattress out and find the perfect one for you.