Furnishing trends

With the new year comes the desire to bring a burst of novelty to the home, and what better way of doing that than taking inspiration from the most fashionable furnishing trends, which are more accessible than ever before. It’s now so easy to make a change, with such little effort, and the results can be truly stunning! So let’s talk about some of the most interesting innovations in the interior design sector.

Velvet passion

Silky to the touch, opulent and yet refined looking, velvet is that wild card that you just can’t do without in the most up-to-date living spaces. Despite its rich appearance, it lends itself easily to combinations with the most disparate styles, from the baroque right through to modern or linear. Our most state-of-the-art version is proposed in rather neutral shades, including the most popular taupe, grey, powder pink, powder grey and lead.

Design weave

Soft and with a cocooning effect, the padded weave is perfect for lovers of fine details. From headboards to sofa cushions, the generous quilting and geometric patterning are a pleasure for the eyes, and express all the value of the skilful craftsmanship that has gone into making them. Neutral colours continue to be season favourites. You can still play with colour, just as long as you limit yourself to a few elements that don’t weigh down the final effect.

Textures and decorations

Covering textures play a fundamental role in upholstered furnishing. The choice of textures and workmanship define the essential character of sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds. Herringbone weaves and chunky yarns have become the new diktat of furnishings. Go with them if you have a weakness for Nordic inspirations and the use of natural wood. Indeed, the two elements make for a perfect combination.

Details that don’t go unnoticed

The new furnishing trends show great attention to detail. Even seams are meant to stand out and contribute to defining the personality of furnishings. Those raw, ‘unfinished’ edges are just perfect for furnishing a loft with an industrial feel.