Everything started with the Design Democratico Italiano (Democratic Italian Design) project: the desire to give everyone the chance to sleep in a bed that combines comfort, functionality and aesthetics guaranteed on the one hand by a company with specific expertise in the use of innovative materials, and on the other, by the name of an internationally-renowned designer capable of translating the concept of good sleep in a simple and original way.

In 2017, six beds were presented that take their names from fairytale elements: Castello, Principessa, Regina, Abito, Luna and Nuvola followed by Abbraccio and Sipario in 2019.

Another brainchild of the creativity of Fabio Novembre is Once Upon A Time, the installation created and designed for the occasion of FUORISALONE.

«I chose to write a new fairytale in which a long bed allowed all the goodies and baddies from all the stories in the world to come together, mingle, and finally break down those barriers of Manichaeism which are increasingly scaring me. The outline of things is more nuanced than one might imagine, just like the size of a bed. Sweet dreams», explains Fabio Novembre.

And the size of the bed, the star of the Loggiato Ovest of the Cortile d’Onore of the University of Milan, is truly incredible: 21 metres of elegance animated by an evocative spirit which accompanies visitors into a dreamlike, fairytale world. The bed will be framed by a series of light and sound effects to increase its impact. Red is the colour chosen because it is the colour of love: love for what you do, love for what you experience, and love for the stories you tell, be they fairytales or true stories.