In the year in which we count the time that separates us from the goals of the 2030 Agenda – the UN protocol that sets 17 Sustainable Development goals to be achieved by the end of this decade – the issue of corporate social responsibility is highly topical.

PerDormire has long been committed to this endeavour: the Pistoia plant – an area of ​​over 20 thousand square meters – is equipped with a solar panel system that provides 50% of the energy requirements, while the remaining half, including the consumption from the network of over 120 stores in Italy, comes from renewable sources, in particular from the Grosio (So) water plant. Because of this, the Materassificio Montalese has obtained the ‘Green facility’ certificate issued by the international certification institute TÜV, which distinguishes companies that use 100% green energy sources.

In regard to social commitment, one of the issues included in the Sustainable Development goals, the brand supports various associations linked to the well-being of people. This year too PerDormire supports the Ant Foundation, active in health and home care for cancer patients throughout Italy. The Pistoia-based company is also very strongly connected to sports in its area: it is a sponsor of Pistoia basket, the basketball team of the city where the Montalese Materassificio has its headquarters. Additionally, it has now established a new collaboration with FIJLKAM – Italian Federation of Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts: PerDormire is a technical partner and will support with its good rest technology the athletes who are training for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.