Brand restyling

“Change, as we at PerDormire are well aware – is evolutionary and unstoppable” – Paolo Luchi, Head of Sales and Marketing.

The time was ripe for the brand to develop a new image able to refine the contours of an identity now widely perceived by consumers and stakeholders alike as a reliable and distinguished champion of bedding. The rebranding process – most visibly represented by the new logo – will be developed over a five-year period, giving all stores across the network time to slowly adapt to the new corporate image. The creative side of the rebranding was obviously entrusted to Fabio Novembre, who has been leading the “Design Democratico Italiano” project with the company for several years.

“PerDormire is the name of the company for which I design,” reflects Novembre, “but is also an invitation to reflect on what helps us sleep well, so much so that the brand’s payoff is Design for Wellness, a statement of intent.” The new image designed by Novembre Studio is based on this very concept: sleep is not merely a juxtaposition of wakefulness, but rather an active and important stage of life deserving of attention, care, and of course, love.
Specifically, the new logo plays on the idea of lightness and curves.
“Sleep is not a linear path, but rather a series of cycles in succession,” specifies the designer. “Hence why our logo rediscovers, within the circle, a matrix that touches on all elements, including the heart.” Fabio Novembre has chosen to preserve the brand’s pop soul – the heart – but slightly rotated so that it lays on its side in the rest position, therefore ready to re-energise and awaken, only to love even more. The new brand and its consolidated meaning are at the centre of the new PerDormire image.